Name Speciality Date of Board Certification
Dr. D.R.A.A.S. Hemachandra Anaesthesiology 27-Mar-2014
Dr. J. Hettiarachchi Community Medicine 6-Mar-2015
Dr. R. Thambippillai Rheumatology & Rehabilitation 29-Aug-2012
Dr. W.G.I.D. Kumara General Medicine 10-Mar-2013
Dr. K. Swaminathan General Medicine 6-Mar-2012
Dr. S. Chandrasekaram General Medicine 2-Sep-2013
Dr. K.C.R. Kumara General Medicine 14-Mar-2015
Dr. W. Rathnayake Cardiology 30-Aug-2012
Dr. C. Kularathne Cardiology 2-Sep-2014
Dr. M.M.S.P. Premaratne Cardiology 2-Sep-2014
Dr. S. H. Hiran Chaminda Obstetrics & Gynaecology 26-Jan-2014
Dr. P.V.D.S. Dharmagunawardene Medical Administration 6-Sep-2015
Dr. U.R. Attygalle Child and Adolescent Psy. 10-Oct-2015
Dr. C.U. Suraweera Psychiatry 9-Oct-2015
Dr. H.N.S. Gunawardena Psychiatry 20-Oct-2014
Dr. I.B.R.U. Perera Child and Adolescent Psy. 16-Oct-2014
Dr. T.A. Henegame Psychiatry 10-Oct-2013
Dr. T Gadambanathan Psychiatry 14-Jun-2004
Dr. G. S. Weerasinghe Histopathology 4-Jul-2014
Dr. A.P. Ginige Histopathology 30-Nov-2014
Dr. E. P. C. Samanmalie Histopathology 11-Dec-2011
Dr. K. A. D. D. P. Kuruppu Transfusion Medicine 21-Mar-2015
Dr. R.W. Gamage General Surgery 20-Jul-2013
Dr. E. N. R. Subramaniam Orthopaedic Surgery 5-Aug-2014
Dr. A.S.A. Abeyewardene Orthopaedic Surgery 1-Mar-2015
Dr. N. P. Weerasinghe Medical Microbiology 1-Feb-2015
Dr. H.D.A. Sanjeewani Medical Microbiology 31-Jan-2016
Dr. A.A.D. Priyanthi Medical Microbiology 30-Jan-2011
Dr. D. Wickramasinghe Medical Microbiology 27-Jan-2014