Postgraduate Institute of Medicine

University of Colombo

Unconfirmed Results


Results of the MSc (Medical Administration) Examination January, 2011

(Provisional results subject to confirmation by the Senate of the University of Colombo)



                                                     Index No.                          Name of candidate

                                                      MSc/MA -005                       Dr. P.G.P.S. Karunarathna

                                                      MSc/MA -010                       Dr. T.M.I.S. Priyantha

                                                      MSc/MA -011                       Dr. R.M.D.W. Rathnayake

                                                      MSc/MA -012                       Dr. W. A. P. P. Ratnasekare

                                                      MSc/MA -013                       Dr. M.D.A. Rodrigo

                                                      MSc/MA -015                       Dr. W.K.K.U. Shantha

                                                      MSc/MA -016                       Dr. G. Sukunan

                                                      MSc/MA -017                       Dr. A.R.M. Thowfeek

                                                      MSc/MA -018                       Dr. D.L. Wanigarathne

                                                      MSc/MA -020                       Dr. K.G.R. Weerasekara

                                                      MSc/MA -022                       Dr. W.M.C.M. Wijesinghe


Results effective from 1st July, 2011


      160, Norris Canal Road,

      Colombo 07.

      2nd August, 2011