Postgraduate Institute of Medicine

University of Colombo

Unconfirmed Results


Results of the Selection Examination for admission to the training programme leading to the Postgraduate Diploma in Reproductive Health - February, 2011

(Provisional results subject to confirmation by the Senate of the University of Colombo)

  The following candidates have qualified and been selected for the Postgraduate Diploma in Reproductive Health training programme :-


                                                     Index No.                   Name of candidate


                                                      SE/PDRH -001                           Dr. U.M. Afkar

                                                      SE/PDRH -005                           Dr. K.A.C.S. Jayampathi

                                                      SE/PDRH -007                           Dr. H.R.S. Kumara

                                                      SE/PDRH -009                           Dr. L. M. S. K. Liyanaarachchi

                                                      SE/PDRH -010                           Dr. M.A.R.L. Madurapperuma

                                                      SE/PDRH -012                           Dr. V. P. S. D. Pathirana

                                                      SE/PDRH -014                           Dr. B. N. Samarawickrama

                                                      SE/PDRH -017                           Dr. K. Srikrishnan

                                                      SE/PDRH -020                           Dr. W.A.C.P.N. Wickramasinghe

                                                      SE/PDRH -021                           Dr. S.V.A.G. Wimalananda



      160, Norris Canal Road,

      Colombo 07.

      25th February, 2011