All Notices

03/09/2021 Notice : Issuing Certificates
25/08/2021 Notice : Temporary closure of the PGIM for physical activities

23/08/2021 Notice : To All PGIM Trainees and Candidates Applied for PGIM Examinations

19/08/2021 Notice: For all Candidates Applying for the Selection Examination in MD Medicine and  MD Geriatric Medicine – October 2021

11/08/2021 Notice: Collection of Degree Certificates

09/08/2021 Notice: To All Postgraduate Trainees

09/08/2021 Notice: All Examinations Postponed

15/07/2021 Notice : Cir 50-Sele. Exam for Pg Dip in Palliative Medicine-July 2021(Closing date extended)

06/07/2021 Notice : Rescheduling Postponed Exams

14/06/2021 Notice : Selection Exam for Pg DHDP-Closing date extended

03/05/2021 Notice : All Examinations postponed

28/04/2021 Webinar on How to use ClinicalKey, Mendeley and Introduction to Scopus( 29th April 3.00pm)

27/04/2021 Postponed Notice for Selection Examination in MD Medicine – April 2021

27/04/2021 Notice: Postponement of Ceremonial General Convocation – 2019 of the University of Colombo

06/04/2021 Notice for Sele. Exam. in Obstetrics and Gynecology- February/April 2021

23/03/2021 Enrolment to the MD transfusion Medicine Training Programme

04/03/2021 Workshop on Conducting Systematic Reviews in Health Care

03/03/2021 Webinar series on How to find latest clinical evidence on ClinicalKey

16/02/2021 Notice for the Selection Exam. in MD General Medicine and Geriatric Medicine – April, 2021

07/01/2021 Amendment to Circular Letter No. 122/ 2020

07/01/2021 Master of Medical Education training programme – 2021