1. A borrowing membership token will be issued to the members. These tokens can be used to borrow books from Colombo PGIM Library.


  1. Books which are not classified as reference may be borrowed  for a period of two weeks by teachers of the PGIM and one week by postgraduate trainees.


  1. Books on loan may be renewed only once, for a period of one week.


  1. Books classified as Overnight Reference will be issued after 4.00 pm. These should be returned before 9.00 am on the next working day. Members who fail to return overnight reference items on schedule on more than three occasions will loose this facility. Members of the teaching staff are entitled to a loan period of three days.


  1. Overdue materials are subject to a fine of Rs. 20/= per day, up to two weeks from the due date; from the 21st day onwards the fine will be Rs. 30/= per day. A fine of, Rs. 25/= per day will be levied on Reference books not retuned on time.
  1. Damaged/lost material: if a book is damaged or lost, it should be replaced or the current cost of the book plus 25% of the cost should be paid to the library, within three months.


  1. Members who retain books for more than three months or who do not pay fines will loose their membership and will be liable for any arrears. Their membership will be reinstatement only upon the approval of the Director/ PGIM, and after the borrowed books are returned.