Library Orientation programmes are conducted for PG trainees in some specialities.

Information Literacy

The Libraries’ information literacy programs aim to provide members of the PGIM with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively identify, find, evaluate and ethically use information to support academic excellence and lifelong learning. This program emerges from the vision of the Library,PGIM.

User Seminars

The Library User Education program is designed to provide trainees with practical knowledge of research techniques and assist Trainees ,Trainers in becoming independent library users. Literature search assistance is given to trainees up on their request.

Other Programmes

On request from the Trainees ,Trainers &  potential researchers, the library will conduct some workshops on the following subjects. If you need further information in relation to these workshops, please contact Senior Assistant Librarian in the Library, PGIM. These workshops are mainly designed for PG trainees in all specialties.