Amendments made to 2018 General Regulations
  1. Historical Background
  2. Current Status of the PGIM
  3. Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives
  4. Authorities of the Institute
  5. Academic Programmes
  6. Eligibility Criteria to become Trainers and Examiners
  7. Accreditation of Training Units/Centers
  8. Preparation of Prospectuses
  9. Guidelines for Conduct of Examinations
  10. Code of Conduct for Examiners
  11. Evaluation of PGIM Trainers
  12. Guidelines for Examining Dissertation and Theses
  13. Generic Guidance to Boards of Study/Speciality Boards for Evaluation of Reseach Proposals for MD Progammes
  14. Disciplinary code for Trainers, Supervisors and Examiners
  15. Monitoring of the Progress of Trainees
  16. Updates on Rules and Regulations
Annexure I
Annexure II
Annexure III
Annexure IV
Annexure V
Annexure VI
Annexure VII

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