Amendments made during 2020 to General Regulations
Amendments made during 2021 to General Regulations
  1. Historical Background
  2. Current Status of the PGIM
  3. The Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives
  4. Authorities of the Institute
  5. Academic Programmes
  6. Eligibility Criteria
  7. Selection for Training Programmes
  8. English Test
  9. Exemptions on the Basis of Foreign Qualifications
  10. Leave
  11. Attendance
  12. Exit Examinations
  13. Specialization
  14. Monitoring of the Progress of Trainees
  15. Requirements Before Proceeding on Overseas Post MD Training
  16. Board Certification and Privileges of Board Certification
  17. Fees
  18. Health and Fitness
  19. Rules for PGIM Examinations
  20. Post Examination Counseling of Unsuccessful Candidates and Trainees Postgraduate Institute of Medicine
  21. Examination Offences and Punishments
  22. Disciplinary Code for Trainees
  23. Updates on Rules and Regulations
Annexure I
Annexure II
Annexure III
Annexure IV
Annexure V
Annexure VI
Annexure VII
Annexure VIII
Annexure VIX

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