The successful completion of post-MD (Medicine) training program in Nephrology will entitle the trainee to be eligible for Certification by the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine as a Specialist in Nephrology. Changes in the higher education sphere in relation to training and assessments coupled with advances in the subspecialty has necessitated revision of the prospectus. The program meets the requirements of the relevant qualification descriptors and level descriptors of the Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework, and is set at Level 12 of the Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework. This Post MD Subspecialty program helps provide the skilled manpower needs of the projected tertiary level health care centres by producing specialists with up-to date knowledge and skills who shall provide leadership to the health care teams to achieve the desired outcomes.

At the completion of training the trainee should have:
Acquired a sound knowledge in the basic sciences.
Acquired an extensive knowledge of the patho-physiological processes of the diseases of the system.
Developed skills in the diagnosis and management of pathological states presenting in practice.
Developed correct attitudes for good clinical practice.
Developed the skills required for the organization of services and evaluate its outcome.
Developed the skills required to conduct audits and scientific research, with a view to contributing to the scientific knowledge in this field and participating in the task of improving the services in the community.
Developed the skills required to be a medical teacher / resource person in order to impart medical education to medical personnel and the public.
Developed the ability to critically appraise research publications and practice evidence-based medicine
Developed the ability to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, moral and ethical conduct
Cultivated the commitment to engage in continuing professional development.

The candidates who are successful at the MD (Medicine) Examination shall be selected. Persons already Board Certified by the PGIM in any Specialty or Subspecialty are not eligible to apply.

Please refer to the relevant prospectus for the most up to date information. The prospectus of a particular programme contains official information pertaining to a programme approved by the Board of Management, University Senate and the University Grants Commission

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