Possible List of Payments(Online)


Entry/Intermediate Examinations

All Entry/intermediate Examinations where circulars have issued.

Final/Exit Examinations

All Final/Exit Examinations where circulars have issued.

Course Enrollments/Annual Payments

All Course Registrations which have scheduled to be commenced.
Installments(Annual payments) for commenced MD programs.


Miscellaneous Payments

Convocation Fee
Board Certification Fee
Board Certification Fee(Duplicate Certificate)
ERC Payment (for PGIM Trainees)
Library Membership Fees
Academic Transcript Fee
Degree Certificate Verification for Overseas Letters

Academic Record ( A detailed report on training appointments)
Academic Records-Certificate for person in SL for overseas purpose
Academic Records-Certificate / Verification to person overseas
Academic Records-Certificate for person in SL for local purposes
Additional copy of Academic Record

Verification of Credentials – EICS / EPIC( Except SR Awaiting Overseas Training)

Verification letters (local purposes)

General Letters (letters to certify the trainee status)

Eg: Tax refund letter

Verification letters for GMC and other overseas specialists registrations

Certificate Fee –Common( Issued for third party-by Exam Branch)
Any  other General Payments