Documents for Board Certification must be submitted within one month of completion of the stipulated training period (applicable to those passing the MD after 24 June 2015).

A processing fee should be paid through the PGIM online payment portal.

Please note the following;

1) Trainees must abide by all other relevant stipulations, if any, as specified by the Boards of Study, introduced from time-to-time, with the approval of the Board of Management/ Senate of the University of Colombo.

2) Regulations applicable to PG Trainees at different stages of their training are referred to in the General Regulations and Guidelines of the PGIM.


Those who wish to apply for Board Certification, kindly complete the following application form and submit required documents at least two weeks before the relevant board of study meeting of that month. You may view the meeting schedule on the website.

please ensure you are logged into the email provided by the PGIM and have the following list of documents prior to commencing your application process

The following documents must be submitted within ONE MONTH of the stipulated training period.

(Applicable for those passing the MD after June 2015)

1. Computer originated slip to confirm payment of the processing fee

2. Report/s from the local trainer to confirm satisfactory completion of your local training

3. A  self-declaration stating no-dues to the library and academic branches of the PGIM addressed to the director.

4. If a recipient of a PGIM scholarship, a self-declaration stating no-dues to the deputy bursa in addition to the above.

5. Evidence to confirm the fulfillment of all other requirements stipulated in the relevant prospectus and general regulations and guidelines and/or approved by the Board of Management/Senate of the University of Colombo.

6. Certificate of clearance from the Ministry of Health.

Note : Trainees may apply for Board Certification without the “Certificate of Clearance. However, this should be submitted once received form the Ministry of Health to proceed your application. All the other documents should be submitted at the time of applying for Board Certification

The following documents must be submitted as soon as possible for Board Certification to be processed.

1.A letter from the employer (DGHS/Vice-Chancellor/ Commander of Armed Forces or other) to confirm resumption of duties following completion of all training requirements of the PGIM, or;

2.  If the trainee from the state sector has resigned or vacated post during the training period, a ” letter of clearance ” from the Head of the relevant organization ( DGHS/Vice-Chancellor/ Commander of Armed Forces or other) to confirm repayment of the bond and settlement of all other dues.