Instruction for Trainees

As a MD trainee, you should receive multisource feedback (MSF) at least twice (Once during pre-MD period and once during the post-MD period) during your training unless otherwise deemed necessary by the relevant Board of Study.

Please follow the below instructions when completing MSF.

  • Prior to obtaining MSF, you must read the multisource feedback guidelines of the PGIM available in the below link.

Multisource feedback guidelines

  • You must first compile a list of feedback givers in consultation with your trainer and submit the feedback givers list online using the link below.

Form for submitting the feedback givers list

  • After submitting the feedback givers list, the PGIM shall send MSF forms to relevant feedback givers online and obtain the feedback on behalf of you. The PGIM will also send you an email containing PDF files of the MSF form.
  • PGIM encourages you to obtain feedback online as much as possible. When a feedback giver is unable to submit the feedback online, you may use the MSF form sent to you via email for obtaining a manual feedback.
    • The printed MSF form shall be handed over to the feedback giver along with an envelope.
    • The completed form shall be collected and handed over to the PGIM only by your trainer.
    • You should NOT take possession of the completed MSF forms at any time as it violates the general regulations and guidelines of the PGIM.

Please note that the PGIM shall no longer accept the previously used PTR form or any other form indicated in your prospectus for the purpose of MSF as those have now been invalidated.

Instructions for Trainers

On the recommendation of the AAAEC, the Board of Management of the PGIM and the Senate of the University of Colombo have approved the implementation of an online MSF submission system in parallel to the manual process for all postgraduate trainees of the PGIM. As a result, the process of submitting and analysing the multi-source feedback (formerly known as the Peer Team Rating forms) has been changed. According to the guidelines, an MD trainee is expected to complete two rounds of MSF, once prior to the MD exam and once during the post MD training. Please see the instructions below when collecting and making use of multisource feedback on-behalf of your trainees.

Step 1 – The trainee will prepare the feedback givers list (15 in total) in consultation with you as the trainer.

Step 2 – If the feedback givers are unable to send feedback online, the trainee will handover the printed feedback forms to the respective feedback givers under your supervision.

Step 3 – The feedback givers who are providing written feedback should handover the completed forms to you as the trainer. The trainee should not collect the feedback forms from the feedback givers.

Step 4 – The Medical Education Resource Centre (MERC) of the PGIM will collate the feedback received by a particular trainee and send  the Board of Study copies of the analysis. You as the trainer can choose to provide feedback to the trainee depending on the analysis.