04/05/2021 Notice : To All Postgraduate Trainees


02/08/2021 Notice: Merit List- Msc in Forensic Medicine 2021 Batch

15/07/2021 Notice : Cir 50-Sele. Exam for Pg Dip in Palliative Medicine-July 2021(Closing date extended)

06/07/2021 Notice : Rescheduling Postponed Exams

14/06/2021 Notice : Selection Exam for Pg DHDP-Closing date extended

05/05/2021 Notice : Collection of Degree Certificates

27/04/2021 Notice: Postponement of Ceremonial General Convocation - 2019 of the University of Colombo

06/04/2021 Notice for Sele. Exam. in Obstetrics and Gynecology- February/April 2021

More Notices..

MD in Transfusion Medicine Examination-July,2021
MSc(Community Medicine) Examination-February,2021
MSc(Community Dentistry) Examination-February,2021
Selection Examination in Master of Forensic Medicine-July,2021
Selection Examination in PGD Medical Microbiology-July,2021
MCQ paper of the Selection Examination in MD General Medicine and MD Geriatric Medicine-July,2021
MCQ paper of the Selection Examination in MD(Psychiatry)-July,2021
Theory papers of the PGD in Clinical Haematology Examination-July,2021
Selection Examination in MD(Paediatrics)- March/July,2021
PGD in Anatomy Examination IV- April,2021
MSc in Biomedical Informatics Semester II Examination – January,2021
MSc in Biomedical Informatics Semester I Examination – April,2021
PGD in Anatomy Examination III- March,2021
PGD in Anatomy Examination II- March,2021
PGD in Medical Physiology Examination- July,2021
Component 2 Portfolio MD Community Dentistry
Component 2 Portfolio MD Community Medicine
MD(Ophthalmology) Optics & Refraction Examination,April,2021
MSc in Biomedicl Informatics Examination-January,2021
MD(Community Dentistry) Examination(2015 Prospectus)- December,2020
MD(Community Medicine) Examination(2015 Prospectus)- December,2020
MD(Community Dentistry) Part II (By Thesis)(2009 Prospectus) Examination- December,2020
MD(Community Medicine) Part II (By Thesis)(2009 Prospectus) Examination- December,2020
MD(Medical Education) by Thesis Examination-June,2020
Selection Examinationin MD (Obstetric & Gynaecology)-March,2021
MD(Community Dentistry) Theory Examination-March,2021
MD(Community Medicine) Theory Examination-March,2021
PGD in Medical Toxicology Examination-January,2021
MD(Restorative Dentistry) Competency Assessments-March/April,2021
MD(Geriatric Medicine) Examination-February/April,2021
MD(Ophthalmology) Ophthalmic Basic Sciences Examination-March,2021
PGD in Critical Care Medicine Examination-March,2021
MD in General Medicine Examination-February/April,2021
PGD in Child health Examination-March,2021
Selection Examination in MD(Dermatology)-March,2021
MCQ Paper of the Selection Examination in MD(Paediatrics)-March,2021


Reasonable Accommodation Guidelines for Students with Disabilities

Reasonable Accommodation Guidelines were developed to cater for trainees with disabilities which may interfere with their performance during training and examinations conducted by the PGIM

If you have a disability and require individual arrangements, you will need to apply for support well in time. Your application will be processed and you will have to undergo an assessment to verify your claim.

For more information, please refer to the section on Reasonable Accommodation Guidelines for Students with Disabilities in the PGIM Regulations and Guidelines for Trainees which is available on our website: https://pgim.cmb.ac.lk/regulations/trainee/

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