Circulars 2023

Examination Closing Date 43-Sele. Exam. in PG Dip. in Family Medicine-July 2023 21st June 2023 42-Sele. Exam. Pg. Dip. in Palliative Medicine-July 2023 20th June 2023 41-Sele. exam in MD in Forensic Medicine-July 2023 03rd July 2023 40-Sele. Exam for Pg. DIp. in Venereology-July 2023  16th June 2023 39-Selec. Exam. for Pg. Diploma in Reproductive […]

Circulars 2022

Diet in musculatio pilates bar workout folding weight bench – pullup fitness. Crunch (bodybuilding) – Wikipedia 21.3 tie break time the best training in the event of a zombie invasion! – strong academy female bodybuilding. Examination Closing Date 32-Sele. Exam for Pg. Dip in Medical Microbiology-June 2023 16th May 2023 31-Sele. Exam in MD (Psychiatry)-May/June […]

Circulars – 2021

2022 Circulars Examination Closing Date 16-Sele. Exam. in MD General and Geriatric Medicine 5th Mar 2022 15-MD Part I in Chemical Pathology-Feb 2022 04th Feb 2022 14-MD Part I in Histopathology Examination – March 2022 04th Feb 2022 13-Pg DFM Examination – Jan 2022 31st Jan 2022 12-MD (Medical Parasitology) Examination – February/March 2022 03rd […]


Circulars 2017 Selection Exam. For Pg Diploma in Legal Medicine-2017/2018 MD (Otorhinolaryngology) Examination – Nov, 2017 MD (Clinical Oncology) Part II Examination (Prospectus 2012) September 2017 MD (Clinical Oncology) Part II Examination (Prospectus 2007) September 2017 MD ( Venereology ) Examination – December 2017 MD ( Medical Virology ) Examination – November,2017 MD ( Medical […]


Examination Closing Date MD (Paediatrics) Exam-Jan/Feb 2021 8th Jan 2021 MD (Medical Parasitalogy) Exam-Jan 2021 30th Dec 2020 SE For MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology- Feb/April 2021 25th Jan 2021 Selection Exam for MD Family Medicine-2020 31st Dec 2020 MD Anaesthesiology -PIB( Basic Sciences)-Jan/Feb 2021 31st Dec 2020 Sele. Exam.  for Pg Certificate in Medical […]


Examination Closing Date SE for Enrolment to the In- Service Training Programme in PG Dip. in Geriatric Medicine – March 2020 07nd Feb 2020 MD (Restorative Dentistry) Examination – March,2020(2013 Prospectus) 02nd Feb 2020 SE for Enrolment to the in- service Training Programme in MD Paediatrics – March,2020 07th Feb 2020 PG Dip. in Transfusion […]


Pg. Dip. in Transfusion Medicine Examination February – 2019 MD Surgery Examinations – February 2019 Selec. Exam. for MD Dermatology – March/April- 2019 Selec. Exam. for Pg. Diploma in Child Health – March 2019 Selec. Exam. in MD General Medicine and MD Geriatric Medicine – April,2019 MSc in Medical Toxicology (Part II) Examination – February […]


Selection Examination for MD (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) -February, 2017 Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Physiology – January, 2017 Selection Examination for MD (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) -February, 2017 Selec. Exam. for Msc (Medical Administration) – February 2017 Pg. Dip. in Health Sector Disaster Management Examination- February 2017 Selec. Exam. for MD Ophthalmology – January 2017 MD (Anaesthesiology) […]