Boards of Study

Date of the Month

AAAEC 2nd  Wednesday
Anaesthesiology Last Friday
Basic and Medical Sciences 1st Friday
Clinical Oncology 3rd  Wednesday
Community Medicine 1st  Monday
Dental Surgery 3rd   Thursday
Dermatology 4th Week Tuesday
Ethics Review Committee 2nd  Friday
Forensic Medicine 3rd  Saturday
MDSC Last Wednesday
Medical Administration 3rd  Friday
Medical Education 3rd  Friday
Medical Microbiology 1st  Friday
Medicine Last  Friday
Obstetrics & Gynaecology 2nd  Friday
Ophthalmology 3rd  Friday
Orthopaedic Surgery 4th  Saturday (No fixed date)
Otorhinolaryngology 3rd  Monday
Paediatrics 2nd  Friday
Pathology 1st  Friday
Psychiatry 3rd  Tuesday
Radiology 2nd  Wednesday
Sp Board in Cardiology 1st Tuesday
Sp Board in Endocrinology Every two month 1st Friday
Sp Board in Gastroenterology Every two month 2nd Friday
Sp Board in Anatomy 1st Friday
Sp Board in Biomedical Informatics 2nd Thursday
Sp Board in Critical Care Last Thursday
Sp Board in Clinical Pharmacology Every two month last Monday
Sp Board in Geriatric Medicine 4th Friday
Sp Board in Disaster Management 2nd Friday
Sp Board in Emergency Medicine 2nd Tuesday
Sp Board in Medical Education 3rd  Thursday
Sp Board in Medical Toxicology Last Friday
Sp Board in Molecular Medicine 3rd Friday
Sp Board in Physiology 1st Friday
Sp Board in Nephrology Every three months Tuesday/Wednesday
Sp Board in Neurology Every two months 3rd Monday
Sp Board in Respiratory Medicine Every two months second Monday
Sp Board in Rheumatology Every two months 1st Friday
Sub Committee in Human Nutrition 3rd Friday
Surgery 3rd  Saturday
Venereology 1st  Monday
Sp Bd Clinical Hematology 3rd Week Thursday
Family Medicine 3rd Wednesday
Sports Medicine 4th Monday
Sp. Board OMF Surgery 1st Wednesday
Sp. Board Orthodontics 3rd Thursday
Sp. Board Oral Pathology No fixed Date
Sp. Board Restorative Dentistry 2nd Tuesday