The Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sector Disaster Management is aimed at  preparing the trainee in coordinating disaster preparedness and response activities,  ranging from risk assessment, capacity building, mass casualty management, primary  trauma care, recovery and rehabilitation and all other healthcare management activities  and administrative activities pertaining to disaster management. It would serve as a  comprehensive training programme in Health Sector Disaster Management. 

Disaster Management is a field that involves many disciplines both within and  outside the Health Sciences. Health sector, including public health/clinical/para clinical services and forensic medicine, plays an indispensable role in the field of disaster management. 

Ever increasing vulnerable populations, resource constraints, expectations of affected  persons, and complexity of procedures are considered among the key factors that  make the job of the health worker increasingly difficult. In this context, the speed and  effectiveness of the health services in providing the services to the people of affected  communities, to a large extent, determine the probability of their survival and returning  back to normality. Therefore, adequate preparedness for disasters and effective  coordination of responses are extremely important in successful management of disasters. Increased awareness and improved competencies of health managers can  make a great difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of the health sector disaster  management.

This programme aims to facilitate the medical officers serving as disaster management  focal points and other related posts to improve the competencies in disaster  management, especially, with respect to the planning and organization of health  services in response to disasters. In addition, this will also pave the way for medical  officersto be promoted to grade I.

  • A medical degree registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council. 
  • Satisfactory completion of internship acceptable to the Sri Lanka Medical  Council; 
  • Satisfactory completion of one year of post internship in medical practice in a  University/Public Sector Institution /Private sector in Sri Lanka acceptable to the  PGIM as at the date of closure of applications 


  • A Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree registered with Sri Lanka Medical  Council with three years dental practice after graduation as at the date of closure  of applications.

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