• It is mandatory for all trainees to acquire their PGIM identity cards as soon as they enroll to a programme
  • The PGIM identity card should be worn and be available for inspection within the PGIM premises. You may be refused entry at the PGIM gate if the card is not produced.
  • This ID is a property of PGIM and should be handed over to the relevant authorities on completion of the training programme.
  • The PGIM ID can be used at examination with NIC/ Passport.
  • This card is not transferable & improper use of this is an offence.
  • A fee is included in the course fee structure for the purpose of developing identity cards for students
  • For renewal or lost cards, a nominal fee as stated in document below should be paid via the PGIM online payment portal
  • Trainees will be notified via mail when identity cards are ready for collection
  • All identity cards should be collected from the academic department
  • All trainees are required to log into email IDs provided by the PGIM prior to submitting the application form below

Following documents should be attached to the application form:

  1. A recent passport size photograph
  2. Payment slip (Course fee which includes identity card fee or incase of renewal or lost cards; payment slip)