Specialty training in Rheumatology & Rehabilitation Medicine consists of pre-MD (Medicine) core training and post-MD (Medicine) higher specialty training.  Pre MD (Medicine) training provides physicians with the ability to investigate, treat and diagnose patients with acute and chronic medical symptoms; and with high quality review skills for managing inpatients and outpatients. Higher specialty training then builds on these core skills to develop the specific competencies required to practice independently as a consultant in Rheumatology &Rehabilitation Medicine.

Once a trainee who has successfully completed the MD (Medicine) examination after the pre-MD (Medicine) training programme and selected training in Rheumatology & Rehabilitation Medicine as a specialty, the programme consists of three phases:

  1. Phase 1: Training in Sri Lanka as a senior registrar – Two years.
  2. Phase 2: Training in a recognized centre overseas – One year
  3. Phase 3: Pre-Board Certification Assessment

The completion of this programme leads to the board certification in Rheumatology & Rehabilitation Medicine. The minimum total duration of the programme is 3 years.

The objective of the training programme is to ensure that the trainee gains adequate knowledge, clinical acumen, procedural skills, communication skills and attitudes which will enable him/her to manage patients with disorders related to Rheumatology and Medical Rehabilitation of persons with chronic diseases, with the utmost competence and care. The trainee is expected to acquire the professional skills to be an effective leader and a manager in the provision of health information and care. The trainee is also expected to acquire the necessary skills to design and conduct audit and research, critically appraise published research and be committed to the practice of evidence-based medicine and continuing professional development.

To be eligible to apply for training for board certification in Rheumatology &Rehabilitation Medicine as a senior registrar, a candidate should fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Successful completion of the MD (Medicine) Examination of the PGIM
  2. Trainee should have not been Board Certified by PGIM in any other specialty
  3. Comply with PGIM regulations.

Please refer to the relevant prospectus for the most up to date information. The prospectus of a particular programme contains official information pertaining to a programme approved by the Board of Management, University Senate and the University Grants Commission

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