The following is an outline of the in-service programme of training and examination leading to the Degree of MD Clinical Oncology of the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine of the University of Colombo, and towards Board Certification as a Specialist in Clinical Oncology or as a Specialist in Paediatric Clinical Oncology.

The Board of Study in Clinical Oncology reserves the right to change the program from time to time subject to the approval of University of Colombo Senate and Council. However due notice shall be given of such changes.

At the end of the training programme the trainee should have acquired adequate knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable him/her

(a) to have a comprehensive knowledge in the field of Clinical Oncology and allied specialties’

(b) to be competent in diagnosing and managing Clinical Oncology problems in a global setting with special reference to malignant diseases relevant to Sri Lanka


For this purpose, the trainee should: 

  1. Have an understanding of and be competent in the principles and practice of clinical methods in order to be capable of identifying, analyzing and managing patients efficiently and humanely.
  2. Acquire competence in teaching and training undergraduates, postgraduates, para medical workers in Clinical Oncology.
  3. Be motivated to conduct clinical, laboratory and/or health systems research.
  4. Be able to function as a member of a multidisciplinary team delivering Clinical Oncology services and be competent to assume leadership when required.
  5. monitor the effectiveness and cost efficiency of Oncological care
  6. participate in decision making required for Health Care management of the country
  7. Innovate to give good clinical care when ideal facilities may not be available

A candidate should: 

(a) Hold a medical degree registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council

(b) Complete an internship period of 1 year recognized by the Sri Lanka Medical Council

(c) Complete one-year work experience, after internship prior to the closing date of the applications for sitting the Selection Examination.

(d) Produce a medical certificate from a consultant physician, indicating general mental and physical fitness and to comply with any other PGIM regulations.

Please refer to the relevant prospectus for the most up to date information. The prospectus of a particular programme contains official information pertaining to a programme approved by the Board of Management, University Senate and the University Grants Commission

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