Following obtainment of the degree of MD, trainees are required to undergo further training as stipulated in the relevant prospectus to be eligible for Board certification in the chosen specialty.

PGIM trainees become eligible for Board Certification on satisfactory completion of the following:

  1. Completion of the prescribed local and overseas components of Senior Registrar training.
  2. Completion of all other requirements stipulated in the prospectus.
  3. Pass the Pre-Board Certification Assessment
  4. Return to Sri Lanka and assumption of duties in the Ministry of Health/University/Public Sector Institution.
  5. There has been no overstay beyond the period of overseas study leave required by the PGIM for purposes of board certification (i. e. a maximum of 2 years).

Please note the following:

The minimum stipulated period of overseas leave required for Board Certification is as defined in the relevant Prospectuses.

The maximum period of leave granted for overseas training for the purpose of Board Certification is two (02) years, subject to approval of the Boards of Study/ Board of Management. Any extensions beyond two years will result in a delay in Board Certification by that period.

In exceptional circumstances, a trainee shall request permission to undergo all or part of the period of requisite overseas training in Sri Lanka. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, by a committee appointed by the Board of Management for this purpose.

If a PG trainee does not report back to the PGIM within one year of completion of overseas leave, his/her trainee status will be terminated unless the delay is due to exceptional circumstances acceptable to the Board.

Trainee status of trainees who have been served Vacation of Post by their employer will be suspended pending inquiry/appeal.

Trainees who do not complete the prescribed MD Overseas Training within the stipulated maximum time period referred to in section 15.2 of general regulations, will be considered as not being eligible for Board Certification unless they are undergoing training approved by the Board of Study/Board of Management.

Trainees who have, after obtaining the degree of MD, either resigned or vacated their posts could re-join the respective training programmes for completion of training leading to Board Certification under existing rules (one year obligatory service in Sri Lanka prior to re-joining the PGIM training programmes – vide section 7.6) of the Ministry of Health/ University/Public Sector Institutions. In such instances, the effective date of Board Certification would be prospective, following completion of all the requirements to be eligible for Board Certification, and effective from the date of the decision of the Board of Management approving Board certification.

All trainees are required to report back to their employer and to the PGIM for purposes of Board Certification. A letter from Director General of Health Services/Vice Chancellor /Commander of Armed Forces/Inspector General of Police has to be produced to confirm that the trainee has reported for work and assumed duties in the appointed post. In the PGIM, trainees have to sign and date a register maintained specifically for this purpose. In the event of any delay in reporting back to their employer or in signing the PGIM register, without a valid reason, the period of delay will be added to calculate the effective date of Board.

On satisfactory completion of (1) to (4) above, trainees are Board Certified with effect from the date on which they were scheduled to complete training. For the purpose of determination of the effective date of Board Certification the duration of local and overseas training components are added to the date of release of the MD results. Accordingly, the effective date of Board certification is considered as the date on which the trainee completed the prescribed post MD training reckoned from the date of release of MD results provided that:

  1. The local training commenced immediately after passing the MD Examination.
  2. Overseas component(s) of training commenced within two years after passing the MD examination.
  3. A valid reason is given for any delay for a. and b. above.
  4. There have been no complaints regarding the trainee during the training period which has resulted in extension of the training period.
  5. There has been no delay in sitting for the PBCA and passing it as stipulated in the prospectus.
  6. The trainee has applied for Board Certification within one month after completing all requirements.
  7. All requirements laid down in the prospectus such as the case book, portfolio and dissertation have been completed within the stipulated training period. The stipulated training period ends at the point when the trainee has completed local and overseas training components and has resumed duties at their original place of employment. Application for Board Certification must be made within one month of the date on which the stipulated training period ends. If not, effective date of Board Certification would be prospective, and effective from the date of the decision of the Board of Management approving Board Certification.
  8. The Board of Management, on the recommendation of the Board of Study, has not decided otherwise.

In the event of (1) to (8) above not being fulfilled, the extra period will be added to the due date of Board Certification, and the effective date of board certification will be delayed.

However, under exceptional circumstances, the Board of Management, on the recommendation of the Board of Study, could grant an extension of time up to a maximum of two years to a trainee to complete the prescribed Post MD training. In such instances, the date of Board Certification will be the due date.

Pre-Board Certification Assessments (PBCA)

Trainees should pass the Pre-Board Certification Assessment which is held following completion of local and overseas training to be eligible for Board Certification.

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Board Certification of Re-employed/Employed Medical Officers

Board Certification of re-employed/employed medical officers could be made effective on successful completion of the MD examination in the relevant specialty and on fulfillment of all other requirements of the Post MD training programme stipulated in the relevant prospectus.

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