The IT Unit is providing vital infrastructure support to PGIM by provisioning Internet services and other ICT infrastructure. Further it is maintaining and administer the servers which hosted web application and specialized hardware to provide critical services such as LMS, DNS and Proxy Services to the Institute. Further PGIM is now connected through 100Mbps dedicated connectivity to Lanka Education and Research Network(LEARN).

IT Unit mainly engage in following services
  • Provision of Internet Services and E-mail Services
  • Maintenance of PGIM website and Online Payment System
  • Necessary S/W Development for Academic and Administrative purpose
  • Providing Office 2016 Licenses for Trainees & Trainers
  • Students Information System and PGIM Statistics
  • Monitoring Network Security and ISP Connectivity
  • Maintenance of PGIM’s fibre backbone Network
  • Maintenance of LMS, DNS and Proxy Servers etc.
  • LAN and Wi-Fi Network Service (PGIMNET)
  • Providing Computer Laboratory Facilities
  • Troubleshooting and repairing of ICT Equipment
  • Installation of Software and Security Software
  • IT Specifications and Technical Evaluations
  • Computer Training Program (CCA)
  • Video Conference Systems