The Postgraduate in-service training programme and passing of the relevant examinations of the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine of the University of Colombo will lead to the degree of MD (Ophthalmology) awarded by the University of Colombo. The successful completion of post MD training programme will entitle the trainee to be eligible for Board Certification as a specialist in Ophthalmology by the PGIM on the recommendation of Board of study in Ophthalmology. The objective of the training programme shall be to ensure that the trainee gains adequate knowledge, clinical acumen, procedural skills, communicative skills and attitudes which will enable the trainee to practice as an ophthalmologist. The trainee should also acquire the professional skills to be an effective leader and a manager in the provision of health information and care, and organization of services. The trainee will also need to be able to design and conduct audits and research projects, critically appraise research publications and be committed to the practice of evidence-based medicine and continuing professional development. The trainee will also be exposed to important areas in professionalism and moral and ethical conduct.

After entering the training programme candidate goes through a structured training programme in units recognized by the PGIM for three years before being eligible for the MD examination. This is a time-based programme with criteria for satisfactory training built in. Assessment of training will be done regularly and necessary steps will be taken by the Board of Study (BOS) to improve the standard of the trainee. The BOS reserves the right to modify the time periods and criteria required for satisfactory training from time to time with adequate notice. After the MD examination the trainee could decide on subspecialty training.

If the trainee decides to be a general ophthalmologist, he/ she will work in a senior registrar capacity for two years. It will be one-year local training and one year overseas training in an approved centre. During the training period the trainee is expected to conduct an approved research project and based on that submit a Dissertation. The trainee should maintain a portfolio during pre and post MD period. The trainee will have to appear for pre board certification assessment and once this is passed the trainee will be considered for board certification as a specialist in general ophthalmology.

If the trainee decides to undergo training in a subspecialty the post MD training period would be three years. The details of subspecialty training programmes are given in the pertinent prospectuses dealing with the relevant subspecialties.

To be considered for entry to the MD Ophthalmology training program me the candidate has to appear for a selection examination.

To be eligible to sit for the Selection Examination, a candidate should fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Hold a medical degree registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council
  2. Have completed an internship recognized by the Sri Lanka Medical Council
  3. Completed one-year work experience in Sri Lanka, after internship
  4. Comply with any other PGIM regulations.

A candidate with Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (UK) or equivalent may be exempted from the Selection Examination, Ophthalmic Basic Sciences Examination, Optics and refraction Examination. However, the candidate should complete the pre-MD training recommended by the BOS and be successful at the MD Examination as well as complete the post MD training recommended by the BOS and be successful at the PBCA in order to be eligible for board certification

Please refer to the relevant prospectus for the most up to date information. The prospectus of a particular programme contains official information pertaining to a programme approved by the Board of Management, University Senate and the University Grants Commission

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