MD Oral Pathology leading to board certification in Oral Pathology is a five-year course. The candidates are selected to the programme after a screening test. The course consists of two examinations and the training programme has been divided into three stages. Part I examination is held after two years of training in General and Oral Pathology (stage I). The candidates who are successful at Part I examination can proceed to Part II examination after completing two years of training in Oral Pathology (stage II). Stage III programme includes one year overseas training and submission of the casebook. The candidates are entitled for board certification in Oral Pathology after successful completion of stage III.

  • understand and carry out all the steps involved in preparation of histological sections from unfixed specimens upto staining procedures.
  • understand and carry out all the steps involved in preparation of frozen sections.
  • understand and carry out all the steps involved in preparation of sections from hard tissue specimens.
  • understand basic principles of immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and molecular biological techniques.
  • understand the basics of ultrastructural microscopy.
  • understand aetio-pathogenesis of diseases in oral and maxillofacial region.
  • understand aetio-pathogenesis of systemic diseases which frequently manifest in oro-facial region.
  • interpret clinical and radiological findings with microscopic findings.
  • describe macroscopic features of Head and Neck specimens in detail and sample tissue from such specimens for histopathological diagnosis.
  • draft histopathological reports.
  • maintain biopsy register including SNOMED numbering.
  • understand the principles of storage of specimens, slides, reports.

To register for the course leading to MD (Oral Pathology) a candidate should have

1.1 A bachelor’s degree in Dental surgery, Sri Lanka or an equivalent dental degree registerable with the Sri Lanka Medical Council


1.2 minimum of 1-year post-qualification professional experience.


1.3 passed the screening test conducted by the PGIM

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