The Board of Study in Venereology will conduct a training programme in venereology leading to the degree MD and Board Certification in Venereology.

  • To produce health professionals competent in providing professional services on sexually transmissible infections, HIV medicine, sexual health and related prevention and programme sciences
  • At the end of the training programme the trainee should have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to function as a specialist in Venereology (sexual health promotion, emphasizing prevention, control and provision of quality care services in relation to sexually transmitted infections including HIV).

Applications will be called from candidates who have obtained the Postgraduate Diploma in Venereology of the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo. Candidates should apply within two (2) years of passing the Postgraduate Diploma in Venereology examination. All qualified applicants will be enrolled. Posting for training attachments will depend on the merit order at the Postgraduate Diploma in Venereology Examination. In deciding the merit order the candidates who have obtained the Postgraduate Diploma in Venereology in the most recent examination will be placed above the candidates who passed the previous year.

Please refer to the relevant prospectus for the most up to date information. The prospectus of a particular programme contains official information pertaining to a programme approved by the Board of Management, University Senate and the University Grants Commission

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