Research Support Centre (RSC)-Inaugural Lecture

The Postgraduate Institute of Medicine inaugurated its Research Support Centre (RSC) with an inaugural research meeting on the 26thof January 2017. Professor Janaka de Silva – Director,  PGIM – became the first resource person to deliver a lecture at the RSC monthly research meeting and the theme of the lecture was ‘Medical research in Sri Lanka’. The meeting was well received and around 80 postgraduate trainees attended the inaugural lecture. From 26th of January, the RSC monthly meeting will become a regular fixture at the PGIM scheduled to be held on last Thursday of every month.
The main objective of setting up the RSC is to support trainees develop the generic skills related to research such as conducting a literature search, appropriate referencing, avoiding plagiarism, use of software packages for data analysis, applying for ethical approval and applying for research grants. At the same time, the RSC also aims at promoting trainees to public their research. Through such support, the RSC expects PGIM trainees to be competent researchers and produce high quality research for the benefit of the country.  

Trends in Medical Research in Sri Lanka

26th January 2017

By – Professor Janaka de Silva

Study Designs & Sample Size Calculation

23rd February 2017

By – Professor A Pathmeswaran

Monitoring Your Research Project

23rd March 2017

By – Professor Joseph Telfair

Hands-on Guidelines on Submitting Your Application to ERC/PGIM

25th May 2017

By – Dr Himani Molligoda

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Tips on Saving Time Writing a Quality Thesis Using Word Processing Applications

29th June 2017

By – Dr Pandula Siribaddana

Publishing Your Research: Tips on Choosing the Right Journal & Maximizing the Possibility of Acceptance

27th July 2017

By – Dr Madhubhashinee Dayabandara

Tips on Writing Your Portfolio: Showcasing Your Learning

31st August 2017

By – Dr Pandula Siribaddana

Searching the Literature

28th September 2017

By – Professor Senaka Rajapaksha

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Tips on Selecting Your Statistical Test

26th October 2017

By – Dr B. Kumarendran

ICT for Medical Research

30th November 2017

By – Dr Achala Jayatilleke

Scale Development

25th January 2018

By – Professor Madawa Chandratilake

How to Interpret Systematic Review and Meta-analysis? – A Brief Guide

22nd February 2018

By – Dr B. Kumarendran

How to Complete New Ethics Application Form?

24th May 2018

By – Dr Achala Jayatilleke