The programme is designed to provide comprehensive training in all aspects of Blood banking, recruitment, donation, screening, processing, storage, component preparation, immunopharmacological procedures, apheresis techniques and transfusion management

The purpose of the course is to provide education and practical training in all aspects of blood transfusion technology, to develop the knowledge required to analyze blood bank policies such as donor recruitment, collection, storage, preservation, administration of blood and blood components and to develop those qualities needed for competent managerial and academic responsibilities. The mission of the course will be;

  • To impart composite training in fundamental and applied aspects of transfusion Medicine at Postgraduate MD level.
  • To provide consultants and teachers in Transfusion Medicine in Transfusion Centers to operate well organized and efficient transfusion services.
  • To impart training and stimulate interest in research in the field of Transfusion Medicine

The entry to the MD programme will be on merit order of the Postgraduate Diploma in transfusion medicine. The number will be the cadre positions available by a circular issued by the Ministry of Health.

After passing the Diploma in Transfusion Medicine Examination, the trainee should join the next available MD training slot to which he/she is eligible to join. If the trainee delays joining the training programme due to personal reasons, he/she will be placed at the bottom of the merit order of the batch he/she joins. The trainee is allowed to delay joining the training programme only for two years. Those who fulfill the above criteria should be successful at the MD (Surgery) Part I examination

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