Medical Illustration Unit at the PGIM aims to provide a comprehensive service for all Doctors and Lecturers to produce multimedia resources for teaching, researches and consistent communication material with high standard of quality and efficiency.


  • Preparation of teaching materials to be used by Medical Specialists for training of doctors in Postgraduate Degrees.
  • Medical Illustration work for outside lecturers for a nominal fee
  • Preparation of Postgraduate Examination materials
  • Preparation of Projector Slides for Presentations
  • Services of Photographs, Photomicrographs, Macro Photographs, Digital Photographs, Picture scanning for Post Graduate trainees for Case books, publication and research programmes
  • Preparation and printing of Identity Cards for staff and Postgraduate trainees attached to the PGIM
  • Covering photography of events, workshops and special occasions at the PGIM
  • Preparation of visitor passes, key tags…etc. on special requests of the administration

Contact Us

Tel: +9411-2696261 / +9411-2697758 / +9411-2681052  Ext: 135