• The ERC of the PGIM convenes each month and shall review all applications submitted on or before 28th of the previous month. You can find the meeting dates in the Meeting Schedule section.
  • The ERC office shall first screen your application for missing documents or incompleteness. If found, you will have to re-submit or provide the missing documents in order to proceed with the review. You will only be offered a Registration Number (i.e. ERC/PGIM/2020/xxxx) when the documents are in order.
  • Two reviewers shall review the application and their decisions shall be conveyed to the ERC.
  • ERC shall discuss the reviewer comments and will decide on one of the following outcomes.
  1. Approved
  2. Conditional Approval
  3. Approve with Revisions
  4. Reject
  • Some protocols may be granted exemptions or be subjected to expedited review as per the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the ERC.
  • The Secretary of the ERC shall communicate to you the outcome and in instances other than ‘Approved’ cases, a meeting will be called to convey the ERC decision and the comments.
  • You may attend to the suggestions made and forward the amended protocol and other documents to the ERC via erc@pgim.cmb.ac.lk
  • After re-assessing the amendments made and your response, the ERC will convey to you its decision as described earlier.
  • You may read the SOPs of the ERC of the PGIM made available in the download section for further information.