Submitting an Application

The ERC of the PGIM is currently piloting an online application submission method. If you intend to submit an application to the ERC, please follow the steps described below.

Step 1: Download the templates and prepare all the necessary documents

Step 2: Access the Application Submission Form using the following link, Link to Application

Step 3: Complete the form and Submit

(If you find it difficult to submit through the online submission system, please send an email to stating your difficulty and the PGIM would be able to help you)

Upon submitting the application and if your application is in order, you will receive a Reference Number (i.e. ERC/PGIM/2020/xxxx) within 2 working days and you should be able to use the same for follow-up communication with the ERC.

Please note that you have to submit an application before 28th of the month for the application to be reviewed in time for the next meeting.

Documents Required

Following documents are required for you to complete the ERC application.

  1. Covering letter: covering letter should be signed by the applicant. If the applicant is a postgraduate trainee of the PGIM, covering letter should be submitted through the supervisor who is officially assigned to the applicant.
  2. Declaration of Applicant
  3. Signed co-investigator list along with their role in the research
  4. Research Protocol
  5. Information Sheet and Consent Form  in English, and in Sinhala and Tamil where appropriate
  6. Other relevant documents (i.e. questionnaires) in English, and in Sinhala and Tamil where appropriate
  7. Approval letter from the relevant Board of Study for postgraduate study protocols.
  8. Curriculum vitae of the principle investigator and other co-investigators

The ERC has provided templates for the required documents and you are advised to use the templates in preparing the necessary documents.

You will be able to download the necessary templates from the Downloads section.