All candidates who are selected for the MD programmes should undergo the Professionalism Strand organized by the PGIM. Please note that this is compulsory for all MD trainees and should be completed within the first two years of Pre MD training. A certificate will be issued to trainees who complete this strand successfully.

Please refer to General Regulations and Guidelines for Trainees   (

Programme Content

The programme will consist of four modules.


  • The programme will be conducted in two consecutive Fridays and Saturdays (four days in total).
  • Participation in all 4 modules is mandatory to complete the course successfully
  • This programme is conducted by the PGIM free of charge for its trainees
Application process

Please use the links provided below to apply for available workshops. A confirmation of registration will be sent to you via email by the PGIM once the application is processed. Please note that priority will be given to candidates who are closest to their MD examination. Thus, if you are not enrolled to a particular workshop, you will be offered to enrol at the next available workshop.


Apply for January Workshop  

(Please note that the registration for the january workshop is now closed due to filling of the available slots. If you are sitting for your MD exam before the next workshop or if your exam is scheduled soon after the next available workshop please contact the Medical Education Resource Centre via 0113612906 during office hours)

Apply for February Workshop  

Apply for March Workshop  

Apply for April Workshop  

Apply for May Workshop  

Apply for June Workshop  

Apply for August Workshop  

Apply for September Workshop  

Apply for October Workshop  

Apply for November Workshop  

Apply for December Workshop  

For further information, you can contact the Medical Education Resource Centre (MERC) of the PGIM via email ( or via phone (0113612906).