1. Personal details of the Trainee.
  2. Present place of work in Sri Lanka.
  3. Documents with regard to the offer of the placement (letter or e-mail).
  4. Proposed date of commencement of appointment.
  5.     (i) A statement pertaining to the status of the placement offered (whether)

a. A paid job

b. A job requiring completion of an orientation period and the period (with documentary evidence)

c. An attachment based on a PGIM scholarship

d. Observer status, if relevant


a. Hospital and the names of Overseas Supervisors

b. Short CV of the Overseas Supervisor

c. Hospital profile (a download from the internet is sufficient)

d. The job profile/contract, including the case load of the unit

6. A letter from the Board of Study to the effect that progress reports of local training has been satisfactory.

7. The IELTS certificate – it is a requirement by the PGIM that all trainees must have at least a “Band7” pass in the IELTS irrespective of the country in which they plan to do their overseas training (some countries may require a higher band).

8. Overseas contact details of the Trainee (address, telephone numbers, e-mail).

9. Documents, if any, to indicate that Board of Study approval has been obtained for the placement.

10. A statement pertaining to additional expenditure, if any, to be incurred by the Trainee/PGIM for securing the training placement(Eg. medical council registration, medical/health insurance, indemnity insurance, work permit), indicating whether funds will be forthcoming from the institutions concerned.

Accreditation of Overseas Training Centres

Useful Links

Visit to Royal College of Emergency Medicine -UK

The Chairperson of the board of Study Emergency Medicine Prof Vasanthi Pinto and the
academic coordinator Dr Kumudini Ranathunga, visited the Royal College of Emergency
Medicine UK in June 2019. The visit entailed meetings with ;

  • The President Dr. Taj Hasan.
  • The Dean of the College Dr. Jason Long.
  • The Overseas Coordinators Victoria DeWitt, Emma Fernandez and Yasmina Hedhli.
  • Dr. Carol Gavin the Lead Examiner for Intermediate SAQ and External Examiner.
  • Emily Beet Deputy Chief Executive RCEM.

We were also fortunate meet Dr. Wayne Hamer, the founder curriculum coordinator of EM UK.
These meetings were cordial, timely and very productive.
The experience gained by observing the OSCE set up with Dr. Cieran McKiernan, Lead
Examiner for MRCEM, and Observing   MRCEM OSCE , ARCP at Leads Royal Infirmary
were also included in the visit. We hope to incorporate these valuable experiences into our
curriculum, training and examination process. Our trainees, who sit for these examinations and
obtain overseas training in the UK, will find these modifications very useful.
Dr. Asoka Weerasinghe and Dr. Chamika Mapatuna EM Consultants UK , networked and
organized these events.
The Board wishes to highlight the valuable contribution made by the ARCM (Australian
College of Emergency Medicine) since 2013, to conduct the course and provide external
examiners, for EM training program in SL . The board is very appreciative of their assistance
and continued support for the EM training in Sri Lanka.
The Board also would like to acknowledge the support extended by the PGIM for this endeavor.