Requirements Before proceeding on Overseas POST-MD Training

The following documents are required when trainees seek approval for overseas training placements

I. The documents with regard to the offer of the placement (letter or email)
II. A clear statement of the status of the placement offered to the trainee with regard to

a)      The job
b)      Job on completion of orientation
c)      The attachment, if on PGIM scholarship
d)     Observer status, if relevant

III. A letter from the Board of Study that progress reports of local training have been satisfactory
IV. The IELTS certificate – it is a PGIM requirement that all trainees must have at least a  “Band-7” pass in the IELTS irrespective of the country in which they plan to do their overseas training (some countries may require a higher band)
V.   The duration of the orientation, if any (documentary evidence has to be submitted)

a)      The name of the overseas hospital and supervisor
b)      Hospital profile (document downloaded from the internet is sufficient)
c)      Short CV of the overseas supervisor
d)     The job profile / contract, including case load

VII. Proposed date of commencement of appointment
VIII. Your contact details overseas

a)      Telephone – Residence / Office / Mobile
b)      E-mail address

IX. Present place of work in Sri Lanka
X. Whether any other documents are required and who will help you obtain these

a)      GMC Registration
b)      Statutory Registrations
c)      Medical Health Insurance
d)     Indemnity Insurance
e)      Work permit
f)      Other

Accreditation of Overseas Training Centers

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