22 /06/2020

Notice to All PGIM Trainees

22 /06/2020

Sele. Exam for Pg Dip. in Palliative Medicine-July 2020


Reopening of PGIM Library


Rescheduled Exams Calendar-2020


Rescheduled- Selection Exam in MD Medicine & Geriatric Medicine-Apr 2020


To All doctors applying to sit PGIM Examinations


Examiner Training programme(17th ans 24th June)


Post of Deputy Director


To all MD Medicine Trainees Submitting Casebooks


Regd. Payment Receipt Acknowledgement


Handing over of Bulky Documents to PGIM 


Reopening of the PGIM


MD Transfusion Medicine Training Programme -2020/22


Official PGIM email account


To all doctors applying to sit PGIM examinations

04 /05/ 2020

To all MD Medicine Trainees Submitting Casebooks

28 /04/ 2020

To all doctors applying to sit PGIM examinations


To all trainees and trainers of the PGIM

As the PGIM office is closed because of the
curfew, please submit all requests and
documents by email to


New Director assumes duties at the PGIM

Vidyajyothi Professor H. Janaka de Silva, Senior Professor of Medicine at the University of Kelaniya, stepped down as Director of the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, Colombo, after completing a distinguished six-year term of office.

Professor Senaka Rajapakse, Senior Professor in Medicine, University of Colombo, assumed duties as the ninth Director of the PGIM.

1st April 2020

Rational use of PPE and Infection Prevention and Control of COVID-19- Healthcare settings in Sri Lanka

Special request by the Government to Sri Lankan expats

Press Release-Presidential Secretariat  

Elsevier Novel Coronavirus Information Center  

27th March 2020

 Contact Sri Lanka” Online Portal for Overseas Sri Lankans

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27th March 2020

To PGIM trainees in the UK and Australia

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25th March 2020

Message from the Director and Deputy Director PGIM, to all our trainees

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24th March 2020

Current Training Units of All Pg Trainees

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Free Access to University Web and LMS

23rd March 2020

To All trainees undergoing overseas Post-MD training

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