Circulars 2018

Circulars 2018

MD (Orthopaedic Surgery)Examination – July 2018
Sele. Exam. Leading to MD Pathology – September 2018
Sele Exam. in MSc. in Human Nutrition – September-2018
Pg Dip. in Medical Physiology Sec III(Repeat) Exam-June 2018
Pg Dip. in Medical Physiology Sec II(Repeat) Exam-June 2018
Pg Dip. in Medical Physiology Sec I(Repeat) Exam-June 2018
Pg Diploma in Molecular Medicine(Mod 01 & 02) July 2018
Sele. Exam. for MSc in Biomedical Informatics
MD(Paediatrics)Exam – July/Aug 2018
MD (Medicine) Exam- Aug/Sep, 2018
Selection Examination for PG. Dip. in Medical Microbiology – July 2018
Selection Exam. for PG. Dip. in Venereology – July 2018
PG. Dip. in Chemical Pathology Examination – June,2018
Selection Examination in MD ( Community Medicine) – July 2018
Selection Examination in MD ( Community Dentistry) – July 2018
MD(Orthodontics)Examination July/August,2018(2006 Prospectus)
MD(Orthodontics)Examination July/August,2018(2013 Prospectus with Amendments in 2016)
MSc.( Medical Administration ) Examination – July/August 2018
Pg Diploma in Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases
MD (Surgery)-July 2018
MD (Anaesthesiology) P1B(Basic Science)-July/Aug 2018
Sele. Exam for Pg Dip. in Reproductive Health-2018
PG. Diploma in Reproductive Health Examination – June,2018
Sele. Exam. for Pg. DHDP-2018
MD(Transfusion Medicine-New Pros)-July/Aug 2018
MD(Transfusion Medicine-Old Pros)-July/Aug 2018
Course in Basic Laboratory Sciences-June 2018
Pg Dip. in Clinial Haematology(2013 Pros)-June/July 2018
Pg Dip. in Clinial Haematology(2008 Pros)-June/July 2018
Certificate of Competency in Anaesthesiology
Pg Diploma in Venereology-June 2018
Pg Diploma in Elderly Medicine-July 2018
Select. Exam. for(In-Service) MD (Clinical Oncology) June- 2018
Sele. Exam in PG Dip. in Psychiatry-June 2018
MD (Histopathology)-June/July 2018
Pg Dip. in Histopathology-June 2018
MD ( Med. Admin) PII(By Thesis)-Aug 2018
MD ( Med. Admin) PII(Pros-2011)-Aug 2018

Selection Examination in MD (Psychiatry) – June/July 2018
Sele Examination in MD (Surgery) – June/July 2018

Pg Diploma in Family Medicine – July,2018
MSc in Biobedical Informatics (Semester 1) Batch8 Exam.- March 2018
MD (Anaesthesiology) Part IA Examination – April 2018
MD (Ophthalmology) Optics and Refraction Exam – April 2018
MD (Obs. & Gyn.) Exam-May 2018
MD (Comm. Med/Den.) By Thesis -Aug 2018(2015 prospectus)
MD (Comm. Med/Den.) Part II By Thesis -Aug 2018(2009 prospectus)
Selection Exam in MD (Comm. Dentistry) – May 2018
Selection Exam in MD (Comm. Medicine) – May 2018
Selection Exam. in MD Medicine and Geriatric Medicine – April,2018
Selection Examination for PG. Dip. in Reproductive Health – 2018
Selection Examination for PG. Dip. in Family Medicine – 2018
MD(Orthopaedic Surgery)-Feb, 2018
Selection Exam. for MD(Family Medicine)-By Clinical Training-March, 2018
MSc Biomedical Informatics (Semester III) Exam.-February 2018
MD(ophthalmology) Opthalmic Basic Sciences Exam.-March, 2018
MD (Otorhinolaryngology) Examination – April, 2018
Selection Exam. for Pg Diploma in Palliative Medicine-March 2018
MD (Aanesthesiology) Final Examination – March 2018
Selection Exam. for(In-Service)MD Emergency Medicine- April/May 2018
Selection Exam. for MD Dermatalogy – March/April, 2018
Selection Examination for Pg. Dip. in Child Health – March,2018
Selection Exam. for(In-Service)MD Paediatrics-March 2018
Selection Exam. for (In-Service)Pg. Dip in Elderly Medicine – March 2018

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